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Infinite Boboh
Boboh AKA Infinite Boboh


Latest Blogs by Boboh

For all I know it was an experience
Posted On 07-06-2018
You never choose whom to fall in love with and you never know when it strikes, but when it does, it’s with so much power you cannot ignore... There was nothing forceful, it just happened naturally. Everything was flowing with such questionable ease. I liked every step of it, every feel of it. Maybe I never fully appreciated it. It had never been that way for me. He knew what I want...

Of my Primary school days
Posted On 07-06-2018
I was lucky to attend an academy in town for my nursery education, something my peers from our village were not. Each morning was a hustle. Leaving the house itself was a task. Imagining the only time I’d get to see my Mum again was 5 in the evening, I had to make sure I bid her enough goodbyes, which I recited every morning crying. “Mami bye”, “tuonane hwaine” (see you in the evening) “Kurushi mami”, what was even kurushi???...

I learnt to let go
Posted On 07-06-2018
My name is Ann and I am beautiful.Behind this pretty face was an expressionless visage. That of a girl who did not believe in herself, who thought everyone else was more superior. A girl who could never voice her opinion, she feared people’s disapproval. A girl who believed she would amount to nothing in life, who never fought for what she wanted. A girl who let everyone have his way, she did not know how to say no. A girl who always allowed people to ...

4 Worlds in 3 Hours
Posted On 07-06-2018

My life with anxiety
Posted On 07-06-2018