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Eunice k Turibu
EunicekTuribu AKA Eunice k Turibu

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Latest Blogs by EunicekTuribu

Testimony-a struggle with Pornography. David 's Dark Secret
Posted On 13/10/2011
On the outside, David Jones seemed to have it all together. He was a loving husband, father and a church leader. I remember telling Valerie one day, I think, Im supposed to be a minister, remembers David. She, of course, thought I was crazy. But just those old feelings of that call of God that I believe He had a call on my life, that He had something for me to do. So we started being more active in our church volunteering for VBS, volunteering with the youth. But be...

The old paths.
Posted On 07/10/2011
I found this interesting, hope you do. And I believe we can walk this old path, once more by God's grace.   ...

i have contacts
Posted On 27/09/2011
a policeman pulled a female driver over and asked to see her driving licence. after looking it over, he said to her," lady, it stipulates here on your licence that you should be wearing glasses." "well,i have contacts," the woman replied. "look lady, i dont care who you know ," snapped the policeman, "you're getting a ticket."...

every new day is a gift.
Posted On 20/08/2011