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Francis Macaria Wanjohi
FrancisMacariaWanjohi AKA Francis Macaria Wanjohi

I believe in being the solution rather than the spectator. If I change the world around me and you change the world around you, we will finally change the world.

Latest Blogs by FrancisMacariaWanjohi

The Dying Process !
Posted On 26/04/2013
            Most people believe that death is a sudden occurrence that happens to an individual, but the truth about death is that it is a process that starts to take place the moment someone is born. Death is a result of a life process that is not notable and that so many people ignore. My proposition is that every day we die a certain percentage of our predetermined life that will add up to the final resu...

The Indebted Mind
Posted On 26/04/2013
 Sleeping is not a weakness but a necessity that needs to be provided for in every person’s life program. Many people stereotype sleep by saying that it brings poverty hence many people shun from sleeping by using substances like sleep depressants. Sleep is a very important event to any human being and animal. Many people have a notion that when they spend sleepless nights, they will make it in life more than their counterparts. There are even idioma...

We Ought To Think Autonomously In Kenya Today
Posted On 24/05/2012
2012-05-24 00:44:32             In Kenya today most people lie in the conventional stage of the human mind development. In this stage, an individual internalizes the societal values and one tends not to think of him or herself, but as a ‘mass bein...