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Haki Yangu
HakiYangu AKA Haki Yangu

For all your legal matters.

Latest Blogs by HakiYangu

Nairobi County Bylaws - Summary of Do's and Don'ts
Posted On 03/01/2014
DO’S • Observe traffic lights or zebra crossing.• Park on designated areas only.• Throw all waste in places approved by the Council.• Obtain an appropriate license or permit before operating a food shop....

Nairobi County Bylaws - Conservancy
Posted On 03/01/2014
CONSERVANCY • The occupier of any premises connected to the water company’s sewerage system shall pay to the company for the use of the system a fee of Kshs. 14.20 per litre per month.• The occupier of any premises other than residence from which waste water passes into a waste water pit or conservancy tank shall pay in advance a fe...

Nairobi County Bylaws - Private Schools
Posted On 03/01/2014
PRIVATE SCHOOLS • A permit application should be made to the Town Clerk indicating:-The name, address and occupation of the applicant.-The description of the premises proposed for the school.-The number of persons proposed to be employed to teach and ...

Nairobi County Bylaws - Taxi Cab
Posted On 03/01/2014

Nairobi County Bylaws - Hawking
Posted On 03/01/2014

Nairobi County Bylaws - Parking
Posted On 03/01/2014

Patenting In Kenya in dire need
Posted On 12/11/2013

Removal of a county governor
Posted On 07/09/2013