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Kenya Data Bank
KenyaDataBank AKA Kenya Data Bank
Data Security

We provide the best off-site data protection and storage for our clients. We strive to ensure that our clients' digital records, mission-critical data and intellectual property are secured utilising the latest technology and techniques in order to enhance our shareholders value.

Latest Blogs by KenyaDataBank

Kenya Data Bank Launches cloud data backup and storage services
Posted On 04/08/2012
Kenya Data Bank Launches cloud data backup and storage services. Kenya Data Bank Limited has launched a digital data backup and storage services, giving consumers the ability to store their important information on the cloud. The services dubbed “KDB-Cloud” will enable users who currently store dat...

Common Myths on data handling
Posted On 27/07/2012
One of the largest reasons for major data recovery disasters stems from traditional computer user belief that "Nah... it won't happen to me". Data is the most valuable asset for many companies and must be protected as such. New business and technology paradigms force a shift from reliance on traditional perimeter security to data level security controls. ...

About Kenya Data Bank Limited.
Posted On 25/07/2012
IntroductionKenya Databank Limited is a local company offering data backup and storage services both online in the cloud and physical offsite locations.Our VisionTo provide our clients with data protection service, security and continuous access to their offsite data utilising the latest p...