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Lawrence Mungai
LawrenceMungai AKA Lawrence Mungai

Larry is a simply a young guy talented in acting,narrating,singing and playing the guitar. My aim in life is to spread the gospel of The Cross to the ends of the world and to educate the youth on how to entertain in a bid to bring solutions to many problems they are facing.

Latest Blogs by LawrenceMungai

Still waiting for you...
Posted On 15/10/2013
24 hours ago, we agreed that you would go, at the sea shore near the doe.   24 hours later, I'm expecting the better, disappointed so was I coz of the latter- If I had a pen, I would write you a letter.   4 hours passed, I remembered our past, How we used to pass-t-ime, playing in the clean dust... Ours was love my dear,not lust.   24 hours ago ...

Save Us!!!Save Us please!!!!.
Posted On 29/09/2013
Rattle rattle rattle!!!!! The sound of their footstep, on our old worn out parts- send quivers of fear up our spines   Hahahaha!!!haha!!! Their chants of joy bring hot tears in our eyes.   One of us is going to... is going to.... is going to land heavily, on the rattleous ground.   "I will curve a canoe!!" "I will build a barn for my grains!!!"  ...

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