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Latest Blogs by Marketing411

A millionare Teenager entrepreneur making money of Flip-flops
Posted On 13/06/2013
Teenager Madison Robinson from Galveston Island, Texas launched her flip-flop business two years ago when she was just 13. In fact, she was only eight when she came up with the idea to sell flip-flops decorated with fish. The shoes are study and made without punch-out holes in the soles so the straps don’t pop out like they do in generic flip-flops. They also feature LED lights in the soles, making them popular with young beachgoers, her targeted audience...

School Alone Lately is Not Enough: Take risk to sure success
Posted On 04/06/2013
What used to be safe, is no longer. What’s “safe” in today’s volatile economy and society, is risk.Not long ago it was safe to go to college, get a degree, then get a job in the field of your study. That’s no longer true.Today, someone is working the job you want to have. They have experience, you don’t – and no one’s hiring. You have to make your own way. College is no longer your best inv...

Naivasha ranks among top destinations in Africa
Posted On 25/05/2013
Naivasha town has made its debut in the continental rankings as one of the most popular destination for international meetings. In 2012, Naivasha was ranked 34 in Africa by International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)....

How Online Data Storage works
Posted On 21/02/2013