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Melody Achieng Opio
MelodyAchiengOpio AKA Melody Achieng Opio
Communications personnel

Proudly Kenyan and ready to serve my country to see the youth becoming what they were created for. My passion: To inspire, mentor and nurture potential in all I meet. My belief: There is a God given potential in everyone, my work is to help find it for the person's benefit and not for my own glory Quote: "God has not called me to be successful, but to be faithful" (Mother Teressa)

Latest Blogs by MelodyAchiengOpio

Operation ladies go back to kitchen
Posted On 28/06/2013
I was very surprised the other day when a male friend was surprised that as educated as I am, I cook and clean. To him, it was like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. I asked him why he seemed shocked and he stated that young educated ladies do not know how to cook. I guess I proved his theory wrong.Bblut as I was hanging out with some particular ladies, I came to realize that this theory is as good as true. Educated ladies are deemed to be poor home managers. The higher the educati...

The Kenya I want: It goes down to university level....
Posted On 11/01/2013
I've been so intrigued with the comments thrown by Kenyans concerning the golden handshake MPs have awarded themselves. I am annoyed too with them for thinking about themselves and not of the common mwananchi. But  making noise and abusing them does not help the situation at all. We've done that already, for many years by the way. What we need to ask ourselves is where do we break this cycle? Where is the root problem? ...

The Kenya I want
Posted On 10/01/2013
I don't know about you but I have been vexed by what is happening in our country...grenade attacks, mass killings, hate speeches flying around...this is definitely not the Kenya I dreamt of, nor did my parents dream of bringing me into this kind of a world. Anyway, I have been keen on the presidential, MP, Governor etc campaigns and one of the things I have kept hearing is how this person is not good so don't vote ...