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Musembi Njoroge
MusembiNjoroge AKA Musembi Njoroge
Engineer (Electrical Power)

Being a professional in Electrical field is amazing and it not only gives you the chance to practice electrical engineering, but also is an avenue to other disciplines. As an Engineer, I cherish competence and diligence; giving attention to the details and embracing teamwork in all areas necessary. Mentoring somebody is a key pillar of my lifestyle. Besides My electrical expertise, I love writing. I write because I just have to write. I thank God for all these skills.


Latest Blogs by MusembiNjoroge

Posted On 16/02/2015
A lot has been said concerning the way we think and act. Often, the difference between the developed and the under-developed world has been blamed on racism. Today I choose to nullify that ideology. We are what we are because of what flows from our minds. The worse part of the truth is the cause of what flows from our minds.Generally the things we hear, see or encounter on the daily basis, greatly influence t...

Facebook Names Means Everything
Posted On 05/01/2015
Previously, a notion went round that Facebookers are idlers who have all the time on earth to do useless things like reading and liking or commenting and sharing other people's post. Thanks things are nolonger the same and the very people who used to perpatuate such a notion are currently sweating their nails out trying to build their Facebook accounts. Facebook and other social media platforms have risen to be powerful tools th...

If you are in your 20s you are in a Battle Field - Agonizomia
Posted On 23/10/2014
Whoever said that teenage hood is the hardest stage in life lied to us and must perhaps have skipped the 20-30 years age bracket. Teenage hood is basically a body discovering stage and the only challenge which lies in this age bracket is making sure that your little emerging body feelings does not lead you into doing something you cannot afford like begetting a toddler yet you don’t know how to even breastfeed or earn a living. And this is absolutely ma...

Respect Satan - Two Reasons
Posted On 19/08/2014

A Business Name
Posted On 04/08/2014