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Mwangi Wanjumbi
MwangiWanjumbi AKA Mwangi Wanjumbi

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Latest Blogs by MwangiWanjumbi

A Tribute to Professor Wangari Maathai
Posted On 01/10/2011
My closest contact ever with Professor Wangari Maathai was during the electioneering period of 2002, when she courageously drove and walked around the home turf of her main rival without any aides. That was during the parliamentary nominations. Though she never managed many votes in the area, she eventually became the person to beat in the election proper. Unbelievably, the Professor’s conquest sent seemingly unbeatable men rivals into temporally political limbo. That was about two years...

The future may belong to only Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs
Posted On 23/09/2011
Could you be playing games with your future? The talk in America today is about the spiraling unemployment situation. It is a major challenge which is causing ripples even at the White House. Here at home, such concerns are rare. We mostly find ourselves driven by Charles Darwin’s theory of survival for the fittest. Subsequently, it appears that not everybody will be guaranteed of opportunities any more. Th...

Let us embrace situational leadership
Posted On 22/08/2011
BY MWANGI WANJUMBI About three weeks ago, I was walking along Loita Street at around 4.30pm. I noticed a crowd that was surrounding a vehicle which had an occupant who was seemingly resting peacefully on the passenger seat. Enquiries indicated that the lady had been there for a long while. Sadly, when ‘good Samaritans’ opened the car door and attempted to wake her up, she did not seem to respond. Ironically, the crowd had - as is usually the case in Nairobi - continued building up just to s...