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Nathaniel Otieno
NathanielOtieno AKA Nathaniel Otieno
Marketing & product development

I am a 43 yr old marketing executive in charge of agribusiness sales & marketing in Western Kenya. I trained at Egerton University, graduating in 1993 from the Faculty of Agriculture. I have since worked as an author, freelance writer, manuscript translator, proof reader, marketing & events promoter, market researcher and sales manager in the Agro-industry. I have over 10 yr experience in Agribusiness, especially with regard to small holder farming communities. I read, I write, I read...lots of reading. I am comp-lit with the necessary paraphernalia (comp & modem). My exposure and interest accords me the capacity to write and mentor in a diverse field be it social or technical.

Latest Blogs by NathanielOtieno

The Hypocrisy of our society sickens
Posted On 18/06/2012
Recently, the country has been immersed in a mourning mood. It has happened before, and life experience teaches us that however organized and/or efficient we are going to be, it will happen again. Disasters are common feature, some natural (due to natural causes), others man-made (human error). When they occur, we all descend into somber moods and even become prayerful! What really hurts, and taking the recent demi...

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