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Rodah Kidula
RodahKidula AKA Rodah Kidula

I am a trained journalist with a passion for electronic media. Currently working with 90.7 Truth FM. www.truthfm.org I would talk about \'behind the scenes at a radio station\' any time of the day/night. So far i have worked for three radio stations, and loved the experience. I believe if one has a positive will, then everything is possible. My life philosophy is \' Live every second\'. I am more than willing to impact lives by mentoring young people interested in journalism and also motivate them through my life story.

Latest Blogs by RodahKidula

Try and make Cents
Posted On 10/04/2013
It doesn’t matter how slow you are making them or how few they seem to be. Keep making the cents. My grandmother is my role model when it comes to making cents. She believes that a 10 year old child can make two shillings out of one shilling in one day. She doesn’t tolerate madmen; she makes them work for food. She taught me to not only think but work it out....

Relax...It Has Happened!
Posted On 10/04/2013
The Bible asks… who of you by worrying adds a single day to their lives? Much has been said about worry about the future. What will happen? How will it turn out? Where will I be in five years? There’s another type of worry ... the worry of things that have already happened. He saw you? You sent the wrong mail? You miscalculated? You overslept? You overheard something that you were ...

Still Digging?
Posted On 10/04/2013
My friend always told me that I can never dig out without creating space (in other words a hole.) What happens then, when I spend my today looking behind? Yes u guessed it right, I create a hole in my life, how deep the hole can get depends on how deep I dig. Come to think of it, holes need to be filled, every time I see a hole, I think of what is going to be used to fill it: And anything that ...

Driving Home
Posted On 10/04/2013

Becoming Your Life Plumber
Posted On 10/04/2013