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Wanjiru Gathira
WanjiruGathira AKA Wanjiru Gathira
Managing Director

Wanjiru Gathira is responsible for the overall performance of Social Impact Institute and the day-to-day running and management of the company’s business. She has over 15 years progressive professional experience in the United Nations, international development organizations and the private sector at the national and international level. As an experienced management consultant, she possesses critical consulting skills that have enabled her to assist clients in diagnosing their needs and delivering results. She has practical experience in identifying opportunities and taking action to build strategic relationships with clients to help achieve business goals. She is a gender/youth mainstreaming expert, with deep knowledge of formulating and implementing programs and other initiatives in the public and social development sector, with demonstrated experience in networking and developing partner alliances.

Latest Blogs by WanjiruGathira

Here’s your chance to contribute to an improved public procurement system in Kenya!!
Posted On 06/06/2013
In my previous blogs (http://sii-africa.org/blog.html) I frequently discuss existing opportunities that are available for those interested in doing business with government.     The Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) is inviting comments from all stakeholders pursuant to Section 134 of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005. PPOA is requesting all interested stakeholders to submit their proposals to them. These proposals will determi...

How to: Successfully Navigate the Public Procurement Market in Kenya
Posted On 21/05/2013
Based on my previous blogs, you must be aware by now that government is the largest single buyer of goods, works and services in the country. Just to remind you, the government spends approximately 70% of budget on procurement. The expected budget in 2013/2014 is estimated at Ksh1.6 trillion, which means that the government procurement spend will be slightly over Ksh.1 billion. President Uhuru’s directive of reserving 30% of all government procurement for enterprises owned b...

Youth! How to register a limited liability company in Kenya
Posted On 06/05/2013
Youth! How to register a limited liability company in KenyaPresident Kenyatta has reiterated his commitment to ensuring that 30 per cent of all government contracts are reserved for the youth, women, persons with disabilities and SMEs. However, for the youth to engage in these lucrative government contracts, they must first register youth owned enterprises. ...

Sample Name Search Letter
Posted On 06/05/2013