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Yvonne Juma
YvonneJuma AKA Yvonne Juma

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle - James Keller

Latest Blogs by YvonneJuma

Kenya in 2017
Posted On 06-01-2017

Kenyans wake up early in the morning to make a decent living. However, there are those who will want to steal the little or much that they have. Today, on my way to work, our matatu was stopped by a traffic policeman. I wondered, ‘What have we done now?’ A day when there was no traffic to town and I was so happy that I will be at work on time. 5 minutes, 10 minutes…. No sign of anything. The driver was making calls; the conductor was nowhere to be seen. We became restless a...

Becoming creative with Green Bananas & The MIKA Genie Cooker.
Posted On 25/07/2015
It is 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I am wondering what to cook for supper. Cruising through our third month in marriage, the kitchen can be a daunting place to be if a new bride is not very creative. We, African ladies know all too well that the kitchen is an area we are expected to perform excellently. I had a craving for fries but that is junk. My husband will not hear...

It is not how we start but how we finish...
Posted On 25/06/2015
I woke up very excited, this was our first hike as husband and wife! Being my third time at Mt. Longonot, I knew that it would be easy for me.    We were all picked from the church at 7am . The bus drove off with everyone on board ecstatic for the day ahead. ...

Favour is not fair
Posted On 05/06/2015