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barnabas otieno
barnabasotieno AKA barnabas otieno

DJ MANTIX PROFILE/ BIOGRAPHY Biography There are few that can do what DJ Mantix does so well. With over eight years experience, a string of industry awards like Nganya award\'s 2010, Chaguo awards 2010 and 2011 and the relentless determination to perfect his craft, Mantix deservedly holds a place as one of todays most respected and “complete DJs” -straddling the complex arenas of Club DJing, Turntablism, Exclusive Parties, remix/production, and much more. DJ Mantix’s appeal is universal, and with support all over the world, he is no stranger to rocking superclubs, festivals, high-profile parties, and underground jams on a global scale. His memorable performances exude originality, intelligence, and the musical cohesion that only an experienced party-rocker could execute. Barnabas otieno A.K.A DJ Mantix comes from a family of four siblings, born to Mr. and Mrs. Okello. Her mom encouraged him into the entertainment industry but his father was against it. He followed his heart and decided to learn Deejaying. His dream of deejaying became a reality when he met with DJ Mantell who led him to the entertainment industry in 2002 while still in college at twenty years. After three months he was signed by Morgan entertainment as a DJ and MC for two years. Mantix has a one son and daughter he loves very much. He credits his music career to his family, who challenged him and finally made his dream come true. Discography Barnabas Otieno always knew he wanted to spin. He started to spin in 2002. He immediately signed up to join the Morgan Heritage International Sounds, and a few years later he joined City Rollers Entertainment. After a few months he had two students DJ Kalonje and a friend. Dj Kalonje was a hard working student and after some months he was signed to in City Rollers Entertainment. They worked together for years. In 2005 they formed their own company called mix masters where by Mantix was the head. He was then called by Visa Place Upper Hill management as a residential DJ In 2002-2005 he was Morgan heritage international sound DJ In 2005 he found his own group of entertainment and worked with DJ Kalonje and others to motivate many young DJs and also created their own media in the Matutu TV’s. In early 2006 he worked in visa place as the entertainment manager for six months then, went back to streets in a new style and company called Hepta entertainment. After 2 months he signed DJ Slahver, DJ Lex and DJ Ice as his co DJs. He achieved alot through mix tapes and has also done live shows across the country and gain a bigger fun base In 2010 he was nominated in Nganya awards and Chaguo awards 2010 and 2011 In 2011 DJ Bunduki joined him and they did several mixes and gigs together and appeared in several video shoots i.e. Nonini and Boneye of P-unit – Heshma. He was mentioned in several tracks i.e. Inakubambia wapi remix by Cartel ft. Rabbit Kizo b and friends In 2012 he was signed by white bull beer of South Sudan and was joined by DJ Bunduki for four months from 16th august 2012 to 20th December. In arrival to Kenya He joined Evolution Media where he is currently working as the head dj and. On latest mixes, which are dwelling well in the industry. His dancehall, riddim local, Uganda, south Sudanese, and urban hits mixes etc. Dj Mantix definitely has a great deal to be thankful for, if his journey so far is anything to go by. MANTIXX: A brand of his own Mantixx believes in mentorship. He has looked up to people both far and near.  HIs favorite one being DJ john of Homeboyz, DJ Angelo (Germany), DJ Pinye, DJ Adrian, DJ Jazzy Jeff. His latest project now is working on my first song with dancehall artist from Mombasa Daddy Q and also done some commercial adverts to be aired on media soon. Challenges Mantix career has not been without its challenges. Coming back from south Sudan and maintaining the past has been his biggest challenge. He\'s never once allowed himself to give up, even when the going has been very tough. He always gets back up on her feet and keeps trying. The effort has most definitely been worth it. If this is an indication of his future potential, OPPORTUNITY Increase listenership from the young population who are already fans of DJ Mantix from the underground market. Mantix talent, network with upcoming and established artistes, DJs and fans

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deejay mantix
Posted On 15/03/2013
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