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wairimu AKA wairimu

live and let live

Latest Blogs by wairimu

Iwill get married when I will
Posted On 31-08-2015
Haven’t you found Mr. Right? Asks mum as she gazes at me straight, Look at your small sister’s kids; both are now growing tits, And you still won’t give me a grandchild, or are your eggs chilled? But my answer remains, I will get married when I will   I will bring you a grandchild with time, but not at this time, Why wouldn’t you marry Muteru, and the way he loved you? Mum please let her be, my small...

Of workplace gossip
Posted On 31-08-2015
Apparently gossiping is no longer a reserve for housewives. There are people that seem to thrive, feel important and famous through gossip. In organization gossip is christened as grapevine. My communication lecturer told me that gossip is an essential channel of communication in an organization that some managers use to gauge employee’s reaction to some changes before they are introduced into the system. Too much gossip in an organization causes more harm than good. In organiza...

crying does not mean I am weak nor does it make me a loser
Posted On 29-08-2015
Have you ever felt so offended by something or someone that all you wanted to do was scream or cry? I sometimes make mistakes that make me feel like hitting my head against the wall. When I fail to attain something major that I had so much anticipated, I feel like screaming and crying it off. There are some of these situations that I just have to steam off by crying them out. At such moments, I always remain composed while in the public, but when I get into the house I will probably b...

while you dance with the angels
Posted On 29-08-2015

He is mine for now
Posted On 28-08-2015

will I Ever Forgive You?
Posted On 28-08-2015