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Nofcas Digital Media by RebeccaMuli Posted On: 19/10/2013
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Shared Web Hosting
Description:Getting a web hosting plan is the second important step on the track of laying the grounds for your successful web presence. Our shared hosting packages ensure a high-quality and user-friendly working environment via a multi-functional and multi-lingual Web Hosting Control Panel. The quality of the performance is guaranteed by our top-class servers, and our 365/24/7 customer support.
OpenVZ VPS hosting
Description:Our OpenVZ VPS hosting packages offer SSD storage and real RAM quotas for your websites and applications. You will get 100% guaranteed CPU and 5-10 times faster weekly backups. Your VPS will feature the SolusVM Admin Panel and you will also have full root server access. You can choose your OS and also select to use a FREE Web Hosting Control Panel. If you need help managing your VPS, try our administration pack (monitoring, troubleshooting, rebooting, etc.).
Virtuozzo VPS hosting
Description:The Virtuozzo based virtual private servers feature HDD storage and come with pre-installed Virtuozzo Containers. You will get a generous set of CPU, RAM memory and network resources, and full root access to the server. You can choose an Operating System at signup and also get a FREE Web Hosting Control Panel for your sites. Server administration services for your VPS like monitoring, troubleshooting and rebooting are an option too.
Semi-dedicated hosting
Description:We are offering a semi-dedicated server solution to all users who need more server resources for their web presence than a shared web hosting or VPS hosting account could ensure. Each semi-dedicated server account is loaded with unlimited quotas of disk space, monthly traffic, hosted domains, emails, etc. and you will be able to avail of impressive amounts of CPU and MySQL queries for your growing websites. Also, your semi-dedicated server is coming with a free user-friendly Control Panel, developed entirely by us.
Dedicated server hosting
Description:If your web presence has grown so much that your current shared hosting service can no longer match your resource requirements, then you will be advised to think of migrating to a dedicated server setup. Our dedicated servers will allow you to keep under control your own hosting machine where you will be totally independent as far as online/offline content management operations are concerned. Each server setup boasts a robust hardware configuration, powerful memory parameters and stable network characteristics to ensure that your web presence grows proportionally to its ever expanding needs.
Nofcas Digital Media is a division of Nofcas Company Limited which is duly incorporated under the Companies Act to engage in the provision of various goods and services. Nofcas Digital Media aims at providing a wide range of professional services in the following fields of activity: web hosting, domain registration and quality customer support.

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