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PIYAVAY ERRANDS NAKURU by DuncanNganga Posted On: 24/02/2013
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Fast delivery of urgent parcels and small packages
Description:Fast delivery of urgent parcels, letters and small packages within Nakuru
Meal delivery
Description:Your meal will be delivered as hot and fresh as it were in the restaurant.
Special gift or flowers to your loved ones.
Description:We deliver gifts and flowers securely to your loved ones.
General and grocery shopping
Description:Receive your grocery and general shopping orders within one hour.
Business registration
Longer hours spent in commuting to work, longer hours of work and the wide spread chaotic conditions of modern day living have resulted into shortage of time to perform everyday or weekly tasks. Just because you donít have adequate time to carry out your day to day tasks does not mean you have to do these tasks shoddily or in hurry. Piyavay errands is a specialized and insured errand service provider, run by a team of competent, flexible and organized individuals who pay great attention to client demands to provide exemplary services. We provide errand services to people in Nakuru town and its environs such as: Gilgil, Njoro, Bahati, Naivasha. Our prices are customer cut and depend on distance covered and time spent to accomplish the task. The services we provide include: -Dry cleaning pick-up -General shopping -Delivery of urgent parcels and small packages -Meal delivery -Postal Letter pick-up -Paying petty bills -License renewal -Business Registration For more Information of our services, please visit our website: or call Duncan at 0712611735.

hi and thanks for the actual blog post ive recently been searching regarding this specific advice online for sum hours these days as a result thanks kgceaadekkge
by   Johnd990   On   03/03/2017
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