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Dowan International - Fresh Food Supplies and Deliveries by DorothyLiech Posted On: 27/11/2013
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Nile Perch Whole Fish
Description:The Nile perch (Lates niloticus) is a species of freshwater fish native to the Congo, Nile, Senegal, Niger, and Lake Chad, Volta, Lake Turkana and other river basins, and is now widespread through tropical Africa. It has a large number of common names including African snook, Capitaine, Victoria perch and many local names in various African languages, such as the Luo name Mbuta. One of the largest freshwater fish, Lates niloticus reaches a maximum length of nearly two meters (more than six feet), weighing up to 200 kg. Mature fish average 121137 cm although many fish are caught before they can grow this large.
Tilapia Whole Fish
Description:Similar in appearance to bream, Tilapia has extra lean white meat with mild flavor: Tilapia originated from Mediterranean and African countries and has been cultured in temperate to tropical regions they are produced with a wide range of skin colors, black to dark blue to brilliant golden red.
Nile Perch Fish Fillets
Description:The fish goes through a thorough process of production and is filleted and packaged according to the clients preference.
From a small stall at the City Market in the Center of Nairobi CBD through to our current sales, distribution and fish processing facility, the consistency of our customer service, seafood expertise, and direct sourcing has positioned us as one of the leading suppliers of fish. Our diverse customer base ranges from local fish & chip shops through to large food service specialists, Hotels and Restaurants. With our selection of frozen, fresh fillets, coupled with our direct-to-door service, we are firmly established supplier of Frozen and Fresh Fish fillets as well as Whole Fish to Nairobi's fish fryer sector, whilst still being distinctive as a family owned business offering nationwide coverage. We offer our customers the widest choice of Fish brands in the Country - fish which is sourced from long standing, reputable suppliers, from Lake Victoria, who ensure quality & sustainability can be assured. With the support of a highly experienced and knowledgeable fish specialist team, our customers can rely on us for product knowledge and quality of service.

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