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Opinion Kenya Prestige E-Shops
by Opinion Kenya(OpinionKenya)



Prestige Kiosks operate like a shopping Mall. You can sell any product or service. To ensure that your shop stands out, here are some tips:

1.Open one shop for one product or service. Avoid putting all types of products and services in one long page.

2.Give enough details on your whereabouts, phone numbers, business location, or link your shop to your website. It is allowed.

3.You shop name should include your product or service. Make it short and precise. Reason? Shoppers use a live search to llok for products. So if a shopper is looking for a bag, they will most likely type 'bag' at the live search field. The system will automatically present all shops with the word 'bag' in their shop name.

4.Tag people in your shop. Let your friends know that you have a shop and that they can refer their other friends to your shop. This way you keep the Marketing Network Alive.

5.Ask you clients to comment/give views in your shop. Shops with the highest number of comments are listed as Top Shops and their owners as Top Shop Owners. This gives you a niche in the marketing world.

6.Use few and relevant images. Do not steal attention from your good images by including a lot of wordings. If a lot of explanations need be given, add a 'read more link' and anchor to a blog where more wording is given.

7.If you have made any promises, discounts, offers, etc. always make sure you honour your word.