Organo Gold Organic Red Tea

NAME:Organo Gold Organic Red Tea  
COST: 3000 Kshs
DETAILS: The ingredients in this RED TEA are Organic Red Tea, Cordyceps Militaris and Organic Ganoderma Lucidium. Health Benefits of Cordyceps Militaris Protects kidney function: used by Traditional Chinese Medicine to protect the kidneys during transplants, treat renal failure, and restore kidney damage induced by excessive toxicity. Used in ancient China to treat male reproductive functions. Supports liver function: studies show that it helps improve and restore liver function in cases of liver damage, such as chronic hepatitis B and C. Enhances energy levels, targets fatigue and exhaustion, and boosts exercise capacity: popularized by Chinese female athletes who broke 9 world records during the Chinese Women’s Track and Field event at the National Games in Germany. Stimulates blood circulation and protects heart. Promotes anti-aging with its antioxidant properties. Health Benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum - Ganoderma alkalizes and oxygenates the body to establish the foundation for a lifetime of good health, removing the basis for osteoporosis, arthritis, adult-onset diabetes, heart disease, and many other degenerative conditions including cancer. - Weight Loss: Oxygen is a necessary component for burning fuel. the more you oxygenate the body, the higher your metabolism. That means weight loss. - Powerful anti-aging and immune boosting properties.

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