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By johnmwangiwaweru  Posted On 06/08/2014    [ 918 people have read this blog. ]
intuition - the "gut feeling"

Have you ever been in a situation where your “gut feeling” told you one thing, but your rational mind said another? If you went with your brain rather than your intuition, there’s a good chance you ended up regretting your decision. Your intuition is the subconscious leader that many people fail to give proper respect to. But learning to listen to this internal compass could help you make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life. “I define intuition as the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it,” ... Read on...

By HighSchool  Posted On 03-09-2015    [ 535 people have read this blog. ]
High School Form 1 Maths - try if you can!

Attempt all Questions. Time: 30mins 1.   (5 mks) 2. Machines P,Q,R and S give out signals at intervals of 30,50,24 and 27 seconds respectively. At 8.00a.m., they all gave a signal together. At what time will this happen again? (5 mks)       3. A rectangular container is 2 m long, 0.9 m wide and 2.5m high. ... Read on...

By MailMan  Posted On 13/11/2013    [ 945 people have read this blog. ]
Dear Alfred Mutua, can we send our Governor over to Machakos for Christmas?

Dear Governor Alfred Mutua. Receive much greetings from this other county. When I saw the images of the football stadium you are building at Machakos county, I couldn't help but wish I had moved to those sides before March 4th, but I guess its too late now for that. We from counties that made the dreaded mistake of voting in parties and not personalities can only envy your people. When we see the mamas go home with planting seeds, the papas rest as their land is freely ploughed by tractors you have bought them; when we see the youths go home with chicks and they are promised a ready market, we see empowerment in action. Too bad we can only spectate. ... Read on...

By samuelmainamwangi  Posted On 07/08/2014    [ 747 people have read this blog. ]

Oh my!My new year resolutions!I have remembered.What happened?Its like am not working on them.I dreamt of becoming richer than I was last year.Am I working on it?I quite don't understand myself anymore.A lot of questions are bothering me.I don't know where to start. I think there is still time.We are in the last quarter of the year.Lets not save for December holidays.Lets use our fat brains on how to grow ourselves.Lets not expect what we experienced in the month of january after wasting all our resources with goody goodies..Lets now work and have a 5 year vision and where we would like to be.Am now sure I must create time to work on my 5 year vision.This one will change my life completely.365 days may not be enough and I have now decided to change.... Read on...

By WildLife  Posted On 08/07/2014    [ 777 people have read this blog. ]
Weeping Elephant - Rescuing Raju

Have you ever seen a grown elephant cry? This photo is a reminder to all that elephants have strong emotional lives and they have the ability to suffer deeply. This photo was taken of Raju when the rescue mission first began. He had a flood of tears from his eyes when our team first moved in to secure his freedom Some would question that Raju was truly weeping. However, our team that witnessed this moment know differently. This photo is shared at this moment not with the intention of depressing everybody, but with the hope that we can use it as an educational tool to enlighten others that elephants around the world need our h... Read on...