Absent Mindedness- Worse Case Scenarios
by Looool Posted on 23/08/2013
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Absent Mindedness- Worse Case Scenarios

Have you ever been found absent minded at the worst time? Here are some worse case scenarios:

1. It is Friday afternoon and you are about to make a call to inform your boss who was away how business has been. But you cannot get your sweetheart out of your mind. You decide to call the boss first, then after, you call your honey pie and make weekend plans. The boss doesn't pick the phone. You dial again and it registers in your mind that it is the second call..your sweetheart call. The phone rings for a while giving your mind enough time to drift away to the weekend. Then in a flash of a second the phone is picked and before anything is said you go like, "Hey honey pie! Have I missed you or what?" Only for your boss to go like, "Ooh kumbe simu ya ofisi ndio ya kuhoney pie?" BUSTED!


2. After a long day in the office, you decide to rush to the loo to let go just before going home. Since you ate too much lunch and never bothered to take some water, you take a little longer pushing hard. You pause a bit and comfortably seat on the toilet bowl. Then suddenly you drift into slumber land and before long you are seriously dozing off. Soon after you are dead asleep right in the office. The guard on duty ensures no one is in the office and locks the doors. He switches off the lights and goes downstairs. After enough rest, you try to turn, thinking you are in your bed and falls face down on the toilet floor. The darkness is terrible, your phone is locked in the office, you were to pick your child from school and IT IS FRIDAY!


3. You are a lady. Recently you cut your hair short and you are feeling all good. This particular Sunday you are dressed in some nice jeans, and a T-shirt. You then sat at the back bench.  Everyone in church is following the sermon but your mind is far away. The preacher asks all the men to stand and walk out to a hall for some briefing.  Since you were not paying attention you go on and walkout with the men. No one is behind you so no one really tells you to sit. You get out and follow the crowd into an adjacent hall. When everyone is in, the leader says, Praise the LORD brothers! Those around you look at you and it dawns on you that you have just embarrassed your self!


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