Become a Member or Volunteer with Red Cross Kenya
by OpinionKenya Posted on 24/09/2013
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The Red Cross, led by Abbas Gullet as the Secretary General and The President as the Patron has proven to be the most reliable disaster management unit. Performing way better than our very own government. One would be forgiven to think Red Cross is a government arm.

Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) is a voluntary organisation operating through a network of 8 regions and 64 branches countrywide. The Society has more than 70,000 volunteers and members who assist in implementing activities at the headquarters as well as regional and branch levels.

Their Vision is to be the most effective, most trusted and self-sustaining humanitarian organisation in Kenya while their Mission is to work with vigor and compassion through networks and with communities to prevent and alleviate human suffering and save lives of the most vulnerable.

Red Cross Core Values are:

* Commitment
* Accountability
* Service To Humanity
* Trust

Their Value Preposition which is so true for them is:

Always There

Red Cross Pillars are:

* Operational Excellence
* Investing in Our People
* Service To Humanity
* Building a Strong National Society

Membership to the Society is open to everyone without any discrimination based on race, sex, religion, class, political opinion or nationality.

To volunteer, get internship or become a member, you can contact or visit any of their branches nearest to you for more details or log into their prospective volunteer link to launch your request here.

The Kenya Red Cross Society operates across the whole of the country. They  are active in more than 300 towns and cities. You can contribute to their important work in one of three ways:

1. You can be a member -  membership numbers give them the moral authority to work for change, and your fees support their work. Membership is in several categories:

• Corporate Member

Corporate membership is in four categories:
1. Gold Premiere- Kshs 500,000 P.A
2. Silverline- Kshs 250,000 P.A
3. Bronze- Kshs 100,000 P.A
4. Ordinary- Kshs 50,000 P.A

• Life Member- Kshs. 5,000 (Once)
• Ordinary Member- Kshs. 1,000 (Annually)
• Youth Member over 18 years- Kshs. 500 (Annually)
• Youth Member in school – Kshs. 100 (Annually)

2. You can be a volunteer - you can volunteer the skills you already have, or you can receive training to help with First Aid and other essential parts of their mission.

3. You can be a member as well as volunteering your time.


UPDATE: For information on how to Join RED CROSS, kindly follow the link below: 



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I am a current high school gtaduate and was wondering if I could be able to join your esteemed organization as a volunteer
Comment By:   Jane Karanja Wanjiru   On   14/01/2015
Hi Jane You will need to check http// on how you can join Red Cross Kenya
Comment By:    OpinionKenya On  15/01/2015
Am a graduat with a diploma in community health and socialworkam interested joining RedCross team
Comment By:   Elijah Mutuku   On   15/01/2015
currently in college and wanted to know how I can physically volunteer
Comment By:   allan kariuki njeru   On   07/02/2015
Im currently a student in the University of Nairobi and interested to join red cross as a volunteer how can i join you
Comment By:   Kimeu Stephene Mutua   On   22/04/2015
am currently a student in jaramogi university doing a degree in public healthI would wish to work as a volunteer in your reputable organisation with skills I have in first aid
Comment By:   miriam adala   On   14/05/2015
I am a community health worker with an catholic church NgoEastern deanery Aids relief programmehave always wanted to work with Red cross could be as a volunteerKeep up the good work
Comment By:   Caroline wairimu mwai   On   15/05/2015
I am a university student at Laikipia University currently in my long holidayI wish to join redcross as a volunteer
Comment By:   FRANCIS CHOMBA GITARI   On   18/05/2015
i would love to become a red cross member
Comment By:   chrispinous magero   On   18/05/2015
I am Kepha AND i WOULD LI8KE TO JOIN YOUR TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS I have just completed my degree in HR in the University of Nairobi this yearIn addition I have a certificate in Disaster Management from East Africa Institute of Business Studies I will be happy to serve others as a volunteer at your willThanks
Comment By:   Kepha Mulaa   On   27/05/2015
Hallo I am a student from Kenya Medication Training Collegecurrently on a 2months holidayI would like to offer my services as a volunteerThanks
Comment By:   Whitney Atieno   On   11/07/2015
Am a graduate in diploma and bachelor in theology and i would like to join red cross
Comment By:   JOSEPHAT OKUKU   On   30/08/2015

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