Ask the ONLINE REGISTRAR about those procurement issues
by OpinionKenya Posted on 18/10/2013
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Since Mwai Kibaki announced the 10% Govt Procurement for the youths, We have interacted with over 1000 youths across several counties. We at Opinion Kenya have carefully taken the youths through very informative sessions. We brought on board the Public Procurement Oversight Authority and other stake holders to break down the Procurement jargon.

Funded by youths themselves, county governments, donors and other well wishers, we have delivered the info and we will keep doing so till we have come to your county. In the meantime you can access information about YAGPO in our blogs at You can also request any of our online vetted volunteer mentors to walk with you through this process. 

However, most youths need more assistance to actualize their dreams. This is why we have the online platform at Here you will find the ONLINE REGISTRAR who is on standby to assist you to not only learn how to access the 30% government procurement but also carry out necessary registrations. However stupid you think your question may sound, just login to your account and post it. The registrar will not despise you. Do not worry about the charges because it is paid for.

If you would like us to register an entity on your behalf, there will be a charge for this. If you live far from the relevant offices, do not panic. With internet you can consider yourself to be in the relevant office already.

We have a Live Chat on our homepage: where we handle questions on Youth Access to Government Procurement and matters Entrepreneurship. Feel free to talk to us.

Stop planning and start acting.


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