Foundations Of Acting Course
by IgizaFestival Posted on 23/10/2013
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[Course to be offered at Daystar's Institute of Leadership and Professional Development]

November 7 - December 7, 2013

Thursday and Saturday mornings, 9am-12 noon.

Acting is about more than speaking lines. it is a discipline that involves the entire person. This is a hands-on class to get potential actors working on their physical and vocal presence through the use of exercises that use physicality, environment, imagination, theatre games, and scenes. Students will gain an appreciation for the processes of acting and methods involved in the art of acting.

During the course students will:1. Develop vocal and physical awareness, flexibility, strength and expressiveness.

2. Develop the sensitivity, trust, and responsibility of working in an ensemble;

3. Develop significant theatrical vocabulary regarding the parts, uses,and purposes of the stage and its important machinery,

4. Explore the moral, ethical,and spiritual implications of acting and the life of the actor, unleashing the creative spirit that lives in each person.

The course will be taught by Dr. Julisa Rowe, senior lecturer in Theatre, and a professional actor and director of 25+ years standing (locally seen in "Briefcase Inc" on KTN, and the upcoming "Groove Theory" on Zuku Africa).

Cost: Ksh. 6500

Registration: Ksh. 500 (included in total cost) at the ILPD office of Daystar (Valley Road campus) by November 1.

Call for more information - 0716-119228, or (20) 2723003 x272

Email:, or

NOTE: It is possible to schedule the course for a different time, if 10 people agree on another schedule with the instructor.

What previous students have to say:

"Her skill and experience as a director and actor was and is unmatched."

"I want to be a morally upright actor with Christian virtues and it also helped me get the skills and knowledge to compete internationally."

"Understanding different acting tactics practically was exactly what I needed."


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Foundations Of Acting Course
FOUNDATIONS OF ACTING [Course to be offered at Daystar's Institute of Leadership and