KU signs up bluechip firms for paid internships
by OpinionKenya Posted on 17/06/2014
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Kenyatta University has signed a deal with 50 companies to offer paid internships for its students beginning next month.

Some of the companies that have signed up to the programme include Safaricom, Nation Media Group, Britam, KCB, Family Bank, PwC, Ecobank, Co-op Bank, ABC Bank, SevenSeas and the Chandaria Group.

The placement programme is expected to offer learners opportunities to gain experience and network with employers.

The university launched the initiative Wednesday, targeting continuing students in their second year of study onwards. It will see learners work for up to five months per academic year each time they are off-session.

Olive Mugenda, KU’s vice-chancellor, said 100 students will be absorbed by the firms in the first edition starting July 1.

“Unlike typical internships where students are not paid, the proposed programme will require that students be paid like other employees at a rate to be agreed upon by the employers,” said Prof Mugenda during the launch.

“About 50 companies have registered with us already while others have shown interest.”

The vice-chancellor said the number of students admitted in the initiative is set to grow as the varsity creates more linkages.

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