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Oh haven’t I had my share of this crap. But do note that everyone lies at one time or another and also depends on maturity levels. When you’re mature enough and you know what you’re after and what you want, you take responsibility for each and every of your actions without excuses or justifications and you do what you want knowing that for every action, there is a reaction.
Let me hint just but a few.
1. “I’ve slept with [x] ladies”
This goes both ways. Rarely will anyone ever admit to being a hoe. Simple as that. We all feel self-conscious when asked that question and honestly that’s the past. It probably haunts either of you enough. Let the past be just that.

2. “I’m not like other guys”
You know the joke, I’ve come to realize that people who say they are good people, happen to be the worst; just there next to wizards and witches. Chances are if they say such, be sure there like any other penile functioning male.

3. “Come Over, we won’t do much; just a movie and dinner”
Oh hunny you’re going to gerrit…missionary, sideways and from the back. Don’t kid yourself insisting that ‘he’s not like the others’ Did you expect a vigil where you’ll be praising the whole night? Oh I kid! You’ll be praising alright *wink*

4. I hate clubs/strip clubs
Wait, what? Listen, some guys would be uncomfortable in some places but that doesn’t qualify as hatred. Primal instincts are alert as could be in this situation.

5. I’m on my last drink
Oh such a joke. I cannot even expound. Let me just out it this way; see the way you ladies say “I’ll be ready in five?” same concept applies to when a guy says, “I’ll be home in five”.

6. “I’m not looking for a relationship as per now”
Oh hunny, he’s just not that into you. And it’s ok. This happens to everyone and anyone at some point some even more than enough times.

7. “I really don’t want to talk about it”
This is primarily the male version of “I’m fine” pry until he opens up if you really care. Tread carefully but probe smartly and softly till he talks.

8. “I’ve always used a condom”
Oh yes, I also dated Albert Einstein’s son. Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! Who are you kidding? I’m pretty sure that the saying of “The sweet tastes better without the wrapper” was conceived and birthed by a man.

9. “I’m leaving her for you”
Girls girls girls. Please don’t prove all the men out there right. NO MAN and I mean NONE WILL LEAVE HIS WIFE FOR YOU. Period.

10. “I’m not into this for sex”
Yes. And I also don’t eat bacon for the taste. Exchanging orgasms will almost always cross a man’s mind when he meets you.

11. “I swear I don’t know why she is calling me. I don’t even know her”
Hmmmm ok, so basically its Santa Claus calling to find out if you’ve been naughty? This is such I lie I can’t even. 1000% assured he knows who it is and he actually responded especially if it is you who asked about it.

Not to crucify anyone but women, we are way smarter than we give ourselves credit for. Don’t fall for shady lies but remember that we are all human and sometimes lying seems like the only way through but keep in mind, lying is always a choice just not the only choice.

Blessings and Love,



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