by NyandiaGachago Posted on 01/09/2014
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Dear Readers,

Being the sole introvert that I am, the lone wolf, hearing that I actually was out on a Friday night for whatsoever reason should be worth a Nobel. If you know of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, you may also have known or heard of Emmanuel Twagirimana; the man who died from bomb shrapnel and seven days later woke up, body all rotten and full of maggots and recounted his death experience of both heaven and hell. Get this, in high school, my Mom bought the book ‘7 DAYS IN HEAVEN’ and I was intrigued and shocked at the same time and I always thought to myself on how I’d love to meet the man himself…and Now, here I was meeting, talking, hugging this man. Remember my previous writing on how life is composed of dots and with patience and discipline, you will somehow find the string attaching each and every experience and making all sense? Here was one of those moments.

Now, the question I am getting from people when they learn that I got baptized this Sunday is, you’ve never been baptized?! Why? Kwani your parents? If you’re of the Pentecost church, you should know that babies are not baptized; they’re dedicated. Mainly because baptism is a very personal and intimate step towards learning more of Christ and being like him. So my answer is, yes I had been baptized but back then I didn’t know what it really was, how much baptism weighs and how personal it is. And now, Now I know and I pray it be the beginning of a new and fresh chapter of my life.
Faith, my loves is a personal experience. Sometimes it is even hard to explain it and can only be expressed and lived as a culture, as a way of life. So here is to the New me; a new life, a new book, a new chapter.

Blessings and love,



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