What is true love?
by NathanielNdegwaKirongo Posted on 03/09/2014
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True love..

I have heard it said that love is such a powerful feeling, a fire that even the deepest oceans cannot quench. I guess that is why they say it is a flame, that we need to keep burning.
But even the biggest fires burn out, and the strongest floods wane. So what remains once the rush of emotion grinds to a halt? What next when it no longer feels as good as it used to?
Today, I wish to propose a different view, a view I so far have found true.
The view that true love is not about mere feelings, but a firm decision, a resolved commitment. Yes, feelings can come and go, but when they may fluctuate, the commitment still holds constant, through thick and thin, tough and easy, sad and happy days, forever.
So if you are out there, still searching for that magical love, this piece here is for you, read, consider and may be make the better choice of joining my school of thought.

To day's assignment
Love is not a feeling, it's a commitment
Feelings are fickle, they fade and flicker
Feelings are frail, they fluctuate and fade
Feelings are weak, they are treacherous and wishy washy
They change with circumstances and weaver with in trials
They are feeble, fleeting and sometimes....false
They falter, fade and fail
Feelings can keep you up all night but never wake you up in the morning...


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