Why I do not like Makeup
by NjukiMartin Posted on 20/06/2015
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The first thing that comes to mind when I see someone in makeup is, "The real you looks bad. And in this act called life, to bring forth your character, you require a support cast in the name of shades and shadows."

Scientists agree that it is impossible to tell who invented makeup. However, Archeologists have traced evidence of makeup in an Egyptian tomb in Karnak. Buried with the dead were clay containers that contained color palettes of black eye paint, green eye shadow and pigments used as lip stains. The eye makeup found was successfully dated to over 3,000 years old.

So why did people begin to wear makeup? There were a variety of possibilities ranging from spiritual beliefs to improving physical appearance. In ancient Egyptian culture, makeup separated the classes and was used as protection for eyes from hot sunny conditions. It was also believed to cure eye diseases and as if that was not enough it was put on to protect the wearer from the evil eye! Ahem!

Fast forward to the 21st century and the whole makeup thing has gone out of control. Why on earth would someone shave all her God given eye brows and then draw them again using coal? Isn’t that blasphemy right there?

When God created man (and woman too) He looked at what he had done and said, "It looks good."
When Adam saw Eve, right from the soil...(note..not from the salon or bathroom,..from the soil...) he loved what he saw. The man was like "Meeeeen! This is cool!"

Men have not changed since Adam, (well..not by much). We are still the visual beings we were back then. What we see is what determines where the head moves and hence the heart, followed by legs and subsequently the wallet.

One thing which discourages most men is too many colors. While you probably think you have done a perfect color match, your man (..if you have one despite all those colors..) will see only one color.

Please be very worried if your man demands you put on makeup. You are not the girl he is looking for. He is tired of looking so he wants to paint his imaginary girl on your face. The day you will be rained on with him, he will look for you and wont find you. This blog wasn’t about men but make up; I will do one on men and muscle when I get rid of this honemoon kitambi. So back to the topic.

You are probably wondering why I have decided to write about makeup of all other things, including Obama's overrated visit to Kenya..which btw has seen Mombasa road flower beds mutilated for an impending makeup. I can only wait and see what colors Kidero wants to use for the grass. I bet Obama likes white after being in the White House long enough. Am sure the technocrats at City Hall will come up with white grass to please the black man.

Enough of road makeups. Where was I on the makeup? Oh good. Seen it... I was trying to explain why I decided to write about make up. Being the African Man that I am, I cannot talk about make up without bringing my wife of 6 weeks into the picture. (I vowed during our honeymoon that she will never be a subject of discussion in my blogs but I never said she can't be a source of the subject of discussion..[see right there, that is me being the lawyer my father always wanted me to be]. )

My wife is a Natural. All through our courtship, she never put on makeup. The most she did was lipstick on two occasions. And it is not because I detest make up that she chose not to have any, rather I fell in love with her, among many other things, because she is a natural woman.

Women who put on makeup, especially those who overdo it, have a lot to hide, both on the outside and on the inside. For some it is understandable. Maybe there is a scar from an accident which has refused to go away and a little makeup covers it, boosting your confidence levels to better heights. That is okay.

However if you are trying to hide your age beneath a coat of paint.. Shindwe!

If you are trying to hide your "Mother Tone" by applying something to lighten your melanin rich skin..Shindwe!

If you are adding fake synthetic flammable stuff on your eyes to look like a doll..Shindwe!

If you are covering your hair with a weave, whether human hair or horse tail..and you are not on Chemotherapy..Shindwe!

If you have a fake sitting allowance, which you put on before leaving the house..Shindwe!

If you have a fake dashboard, which has baking powder stashed in there..Shindwe!

Na kama wewe ni mwanaume and you have a makeup box at your closet...wewe sitakwambia Shindwe..wewe nitakuombea.

Let us be proud of who we are.




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