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When asked what life is it is quite hard to define it in absolute terms since life means different things to different people. The stage and perspective of life gets formed from childhood and progresses into adulthood and along the way we get exposed to different view points either spiritually or otherwise. 

Abraham Maslow defined life as a tale of the human race selling themselves short. I cannot specifically give a particular description of life but i believe it all boils down to the purpose and reason for existence. 

In finding the reason for your existence then you can easily define what life is. I believe that we are created to meet a particular mission otherwise we wont be here. The process of your conception was a probability of one in a billion and you emerged the winner, this means from the time we are born we come equipped with the necessary mind set to achieve the purpose fro which we were created. A manufacturer never starts to develop anything without knowing the purpose for the thing, an architect never starts building until the design is complete and the type of building being constructed has been established. I believe we were created to meet a need that only you can perfectly meet it. 

They say there two most important days in ones life the first is the day you are born and the next is the day you find out why you were born. The day we are born is the easiest because we have very minimal control over the circumstances with which we were conceived, the country, family, race or even tribe. The day we find our purpose is the most important yet elusive one, the families might help us know the reason or may suppress us from even attempting to pursue the reason for our being born. 

The education system which entirely measures our success based on the grade you get at the end of each stage, this makes us to learn to cram rather than understand and at times this throws us off the course of our purpose. I did sciences all sciences in my o levels but all along i was an arts person so fed my mind and struggled to understand that stuff which i eventually want really successful but cannot complain since i at least learnt so vital lessons. This coupled with other factors makes it really hard to find our purpose yet its the most important pursuit in life.

I'm still doing my best to understand my purpose and hopefully you have got yours and if not find your purpose, looking at the things you enjoy doing or the things that break your heart are good pointers of your purpose. 

Your purpose tend to align themselves with your passion and skills, purpose may not be the career you are currently in so don't confine yourself to the current situation or profession.

Finding our purpose is not a walk in the park but an activity that requires commitment, it requires both inward and outward reflection. Eventually with diligence we come to establish our purpose and we find satisfaction by engaging ourselves in that which makes you happy day in day out.

Lastly the God factor is vital in fulfilling our purpose because He made us so we owe Him our lives and to live and accomplish that which He put us to achieve. When i think that we hold the door to someone else dream and accomplishment it at times scares me knowing that someone may live a miserable life because i was too lazy to pursue my purpose. I thank God for His grace that enables us to be good stewards of the things that He gives us. You are the only one in this world who can do that which is required of you.

You are made for greatness and God's Spirit lives within you and He will surely make all things work out together for good. 

Myles Monroe said that you haven't started living until you find something you are willing to die for. Be blessed. 


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When asked what life is it is quite hard to define it in absolute terms