Mother In Law
by MargieCiku Posted on 23/03/2012
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Life has a lot to be cherished for and LOVE is one of them. A very sensitive issue per se.

I recall the first time I fell in Love, it was ...then came the D-Day, meeting my...well that’s a story for another day. Nevertheless, everything also comes with responsibilities and Love is no exemption. Let me try and break it down for you. In love you have to be faithful, truthful, trustworthy, as in try as much as possible to be perfect as God created you; not jealous, be optimistic, be yourself no matter how much you want to be someone else, blah blah blah and above all be responsible as you will be the centre of attraction from your spouse to your loved ones.

Anyway, if you were meant to be or you forced it to be, there come a time where you have to religiously abide with mother nature and finally meet HER; the most feared person - i guess- meeting the so-called MOTHER IN LAW. Why she is even called in-law instead of in-marriage, just mother or something like that...well watch out for tomorrow’s blog.

You know you may have been in a relationship for the last  uh God knows how many years, you may even be the most strongest, daring and even courageous person in your kijiji but when it comes to  meeting HER, oooh my all nuts and bolts loosen.

Questions start roaming in your medullar oblongata, what should I wear, will she like me, and should I smile, should I this and that? You even question on ‘Must I’? Lucky for some, they just meet her without any hustles and bustles .You even start visiting all fundis in your area trying to see what kind of outfit will suit the visit, asking all your ‘true friends’ for advise, Google up your meeting and when you ask your spouse, all they says is "don’t worry, she wont bite, she will love you". REALLY???

Okay lemmi be of some help here and if  you were planning to go visit her for the first time, don’t be scared,  here is some advice prescription from Family Doctor Peggie (allow me to brilliantly reveal my title);

a)     Just be nice and polite, but remember you’re in a no-win situation coz if you are hard and aggressive, you ruin everything and if you are too nice she will think you are a pretending. Just be you. Pretence is the worst mistake you can do. Don't try to impress or be someone other than the person her son/daughter wishes to marry.

 b)    Be respectful and polite and if you can be relaxed that helps too.  Relaaaaaax, be yourself.

 c)     Be friendly but not familiar. Let her set the tone. Be respectful; if she doesn't ask you to call her by her first name (or mom), ask if you can. You can even ask her some questions about her son, like 'what kind of baby was he?’ this sets an aura of peace.

 d)    Be intelligently friendly like give her flowers (could do the trick to her heart) but not over affectionate you don't know her yet so don't act like you love her, she’ll see right through it.

 e)     Do not "cuddle" in front of the parents. Older people don't like that (though some have no problem about that, but better safe than sorry).

 f)      Try to show her you you were uprightly brought up, that you are a good girl/boy, and that you are not going to break her little girl/boy's heart, BUT don't overreact she'll think you are being hypocrite.

 g)    Never talk about your ex, parties you have been to or the embarrassing moments you've had.

 All the best and remember to put God first.

NB: Firstimpressions are important because you only get one chance. If your fiancé loves you for you, then that's all you need to really be worried about. You aren't marrying your mother-in-law (unless he wants to make you live with her while he is in another city hustling....)

(If it’s still big a challenge, well single-hood club is always ready for a new member.....hahaha)



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