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By SjdMysh  Posted On 05/08/2014    [ 959 people have read this blog. ]

The power in love, Can only be expressed, Not in words alone, But more with deeds, For its not just the lovely words you speak, But also the lovely deeds you do, To express the love within!! ... Read on...

By ChristAmbassador  Posted On 02-06-2016    [ 226 people have read this blog. ]
I testify!

I testify that God has given ME eternal life, and this life is found in His Son. John 5:11 I testify that I believes in the Son of God and i have his testimony within him.1 John 5:10 I testify and declare Your righteousness and your salvation every day, Psalm 71:15 I testify that I will praise You to all my brothers; I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done. Psalm 22:22 I testify that my tongue will declare Your righteousness and praise you a... Read on...

By NicholasKamau  Posted On 06/08/2014    [ 1045 people have read this blog. ]
19 signs that you are successful

  We all share this feeling of  failure, one time or the other. This is a normal feeling, you need a way to find you and see your life from a different angle. Sometimes we ignore the "little things." Just because you're not a millionaire, do not live in a house, and you do not drive a luxury car, it does not mean you are a failure. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Here are 19 signs that you are successful : 1You count to  have less dramatic relationships,  than they were. The drama is not mature. As we age, we need to develop maturity. Then maybe your relationship was filled drama and have found a way to ... Read on...

By CarolGathungu  Posted On 30/07/2014    [ 883 people have read this blog. ]
Living Life Like There's No Tomorrow??

Live life like there's no tomorrow??No way!! Many a times the younger generation falls into the temptation of engaging in life's excesses with the excuse that tomorrow is uncertain,so live at the moment for the moment. There are those who live from paycheck to paycheck who have no care whatsoever for the possibility that tomorrow might not be so bright.The very job that is the source of your fortune could be the source of misfortune once lost.How to survive after redundancy,how to deal with emergencies,how to survive during harsh economic times,how to ensure the needs of your children are put into consideration and planned... Read on...

By peterweru2  Posted On 13/11/2013    [ 856 people have read this blog. ]
The quote

Let our hope be greater than our fears. This way we will conquer everything good that the whole planet can offer.... Read on...