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Banning motivational speaking in Kenyan schools is a wrong move.

Kenyan Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang announced the ban of motivational speaking in public schools. He said this was meant to protect students from radicalisation. According to Standard Media, the PS was addressing head teachers from Nandi County during a retreat in Kisumu. Dr Kipsang said the ministry had revoked all letters that had been issued to the motivational speakers. Earlier on, the CS, Mr. Matiang'i had banne...

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A list of projects where freelancers can easily make $2,000 or more in just a couple of days

Working online is becoming inevitable. Thanks to technology, the need to spend hours in the traffic jams to go spend time in a costly office has been significantly reduced. Working from home has become cliche. The question lingering in the minds of many is what work can you really do online?  Below is a list of projects where freelancers can easily make $2,000 or more in just a couple of days. Being in the industry now for 10 years now, I have helped many clients navigate through the online jungle and achieve immense profitability. Case in point is ...

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At what point does opposition politics stop and opposition administration kicks in?

The moment the Electoral body closes the files and a new government is in place, the opposition ought to stop politics and embark on keeping the government in check. This was the number one failure of CORD after the 2013 general elections. Instead, the opposition began campaigns for 2017 general elections.  Governments will mostly begin falling out with the citizens when the promises made during the campaigns start fading off.  When the roads which were to be built in 100 days fail, then buyer remorse kicks in. People begin feeling like they made the wrong choice. At this point, the opposition should conduct itself in Parliament as...

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How to remove IEBC commissioners from office

Dear Mr. Raila Odinga and CORD, In a country governed by a constitution, the removal of members of commissions cannot be done via mass action. The Kenya constituion clearly stipulates how one should go about it. Read Article 251 of the constitution captioned below: 251. (1) A member of a commission (other than an ex officio member), or the holder of an independent office, may be removed from office only for—(a) serious violation of this Constitution or any other law, including a contravention of Chapter Six;...

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Simple Steps To Opening A Prestige Kiosk

3 Simple Steps To Opening A Prestige Kiosk I. Create an account with Opinion Kenya here: II. Click at shops a nd give your new shop a name and description. Click at "Create Shop" III. After creating the shgop, upload images of products, give each a price and you are done....

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Why most Landlords are evading the Rental Income Tax.

Taxation is becoming a major threat to development in Kenya. Take for instance the Rental Income tax spelled under Section 3(2) (a) (iii) of the Income Tax Act, Cap 470 and Section 5 and 6 VAT Act Cap 476 Laws of Kenya.The Taxation rates are so high that after earning 2.5 M, almost half a million goes to the state. This is unfair and should be reviewed downwards.  Here is how the tax is computed: Take foristance Mr. Landlord has two properties from which he is earning rents as follows: The Properties...

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Kenyan Media Failure at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The Irony of Obama's visit is that it has overshadowed the very Core Purpose of the GES. Entrepreneurs. Look at our journalists making news out of Obama hugging the Sister! Look at them showing us over and over again this Beast. Look at them follow Obama to the toilet. Look at them unearthing Kogelo and finding all Obama's relatives, dead or alive poor or rich! Look at them reading and re-reading tweets! Yet not a single Media House has found it worthy to give airtime to the Entrepreneurs who have excellent ideas that only need publicity and Investors will hunt them down. Was it so hard to prepare something lik...

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USA Landmark ruling on gay a Lust-mark

Mama weeee! America has lost it! Totally completely gone nuts. How you go legalize gay marriages! Friday 26th June 2015, The US landmark Supreme Court ruling that allowed same-sex couples nationwide to marry is indeed the clearest mark so far these are the end times. Can you imagine the White House was illuminated in rainbow colors for the evening, a nod to the achievement of the gay rights movement. How low can a nation sink? Yark! Recently I read that by December, there will be direct flights from Kenya to the US. This should be postponed to like a thousand years. In fact the government should stop building the wall along Somali border and see how it can be ...

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Trading in my Academic Papers for Self Confidence

My name is relative. It depends on who is addressing me. My family members call me Munene wa Njuki. My younger Friends call me Marto while the older ones go all the way to 'n'-"Martin". My pupils call me Mr. Njuki. Nobody calls me Julius but it is still my name. I was not always a confident guy. I blame it on the fact that I grew up with much older cousins who stole the limelight every now and then. They learnt how to ride bikes before me, they got to the tree top first and subsequently go the bigger avocados. They got to the river first and got the better swimming spots. I got used to always coming after. However, when I joined Kianyaga High School, thing...

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Why I do not like Makeup

The first thing that comes to mind when I see someone in makeup is, "The real you looks bad. And in this act called life, to bring forth your character, you require a support cast in the name of shades and shadows." Scientists agree that it is impossible to tell who invented makeup. However, Archeologists have traced evidence of makeup in an Egyptian tomb in Karnak. Buried with the dead were clay containers that contained color palettes of black eye paint, green eye shadow and pigments used as lip stains. The eye makeup found was successfully dated to over 3,000 years old. So why did people begin to wear makeup? There were a variety of possibilities ranging ...

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Dear Afican leaders, resigning from office is not a bad idea..after all.

Here is a list of leaders in high positions who penned down their resignation. African leaders should see sense in letting go when they cannot perform. In Kenya, I think the security Chiefs should step down and admit they have failed. These massacres are too much.   -September 28th 2005 Tom DeLay, Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives resigned from his leadership position while under investigation. -In 2005, Michael D. Brown, Director of Federal Emergency Management Agency, after heavy criticism of his handling of eme...

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Who Will Show These Guests Around?

Who Will Show These Guests Around? Mama is receiving guests from abroad!They say they are coming to hang around.To see her home and all that surround.But who will show them around?Mama will be busy tilling her ground!They will have to wait in the compound. I hear they are already on board.The big bird they are in is airborne. In ...

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Are Arts Degree Courses Useless? President Museveni Thinks so. Do you?

President Museveni has criticised humanity courses at universities as useless, saying graduates from such departments can hardly solve anything to steer national development. Speaking during the launch of a Shs5 billion modern laboratory at Ndejje University in Luweero District on Friday, the President said higher institutions of learning should refocus their attention to teaching science subjects. “You ask these arts students what they can solve and they tell you, ‘for us we only think.’ Think about what?” he asked. ...

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Why Ruto must be smiling all the way to the referendum

Former Agriculture Min William Ruto in April 2010 said that the draft constitution does not reflect the wishes of Kenyans and vowed to remain steadfast in his push to have the document rejected. He failed when 69% of Kenyans said YES to what he termed as a faulty document.   Ruto said the draft constitution did not address the interests of majority of Kenyans. His reasons were as follows: 1. According to Ruto, Kenyans wanted a servant president and not a king as enshrined in the draft constitution. Looking at CORD's Okoa Kenya, the coalition lists governance, restructuring of the provincial administration and compo...

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There are seven types of preachers...

There are seven types of preachers... I have been attending church since before I was born. Sermons were delivered to my mother when I was in her. I remember one which was about a woman who greeted another who was expectant and the baby in her turned! That was my favorite back then. It sure turned heads in the unborn congregation.  Dwelling in church for so many years has made me realize that there are...

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Bloggers a cut above the rest - can you write?

Who is a blogger? There is a big difference between a blogger and someone who writes a long post on Facebook. Blogs are avenues for intellectual people to exhaustively express a point without ambiguity. Blogs, unlike the social media micro-blogs, are well thought out, carefully planned articles which expound on a particular topic. Blogs have no room for grammatical errors unless it is by design to put across a point. It is okay to write your blog in any language as long as you convey the message. The biggest challenge with blogs is choice of topic....

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Quotes real Christians should stop posting

There are a number of quotes which Christians like putting across which are not right in meaning. They probably sound good and rhyme so well but in real sense, they are not in tandem with Christ's teaching. Here are some of the most common. 1. When you get to the end, that is when God shows up.  Most people use the story of Israelites coming out of Egypt. When they came to the Red sea God indeed showed up and divided the waters so they could cross. But wait a minute, God did not show up then! He was with them from Egypt. Do not make it sound like they had planned to meet there and so now he takes over. I always say, " If you walk with...

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You could be Famous but not Popular

Everything there is in life can be expressed in numbers. Think about it. The most important questions have numbers for answers. How old are you? How much is the bill? What day and time was he born? How many more minutes?  However, numbers can lie. Especially when used to measure fame. Boy, they can deceive you. The many followers you have on Twitter or the Likes you have amassed on your Facebook page is by no means a measure of fame. Do not be fooled. The internet, and Social media to be precise, has brought to life "Vanity Metrics".  You could be bragging ...

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Are We really One?

On 21 September 2013, al-shabaab attacked Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack, which lasted until 24 September, resulted in at least 67 deaths, including four attackers. Over 175 people were reportedly wounded. Kenyans and people living in Kenya embarked on a volunteer drive for funds, blood donation, services and other physical goods that would assist to alleviate the situation that came about as a result of the attack. Safaricom provided a zero-rated paybill number 848484 to be used for the funds raising. In less than 24 hours, volunteers had contributed over Ksh 27 million via the mobile money service. In total, over Kshs 10...

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Holy Aiding Evil - Sin is Sin even when coated with LOVE

Ahem!! What a way to preach! Brazilian prostitutes and a Christian evangelical group have played a football match in World Cup host city Belo Horizonte.It had nothing to do with Soul winning but it was aimed at raising awareness about sex workers' rights. The women set up an impromptu pitch using traffic cones for goalposts and played to the cheers of onlookers. The prostitutes, calling themselves the Naked Football Club, played in the green and yellow uniforms of Brazil. They teamed up with the visiting evangelicals from the US to take on a local university team i...

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Vote for Opinion Kenya in the Toyota Get Going Challenge

What can TOYOTA do to support young people around the world as they take on the challenge of shaping their lives? The Toyota Get Going Challenge Vote for my dream in this Challenge Here. "My dream is to build a better Online Platform for Evaluated and Monitored Online Mentoring. To bring together willing professionals and students. Pro...

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The difference between loving someone and marrying someone

Theas a diff btwn loving sme1 and marrying sme1:   loving sme1 is fulfiling, marrying sme1 is sacrificing.  loving sme1 is effortless, marrying sme1 is a battle. loving sme1 is emotional, marrying sme1 is rational.  loving sme1 is like flying, marrying sme1 is walking. ...

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An Almost Christian

AN ALMOST CHRISTIAN Let me ask you five questions, Not with any ill intentions. Please answer without any voice projection. Simply look straight into my direction I will read your face for a conclusion ...

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A WOMAN'S CRY... This is a serious MATAIt is MESSIng up our menFootball is bad KOMPANY!Guys, FRANKly speaking,NANI alidiscover ball?Are there no better GIGGS?...

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Social Media Sites Growing Rapidly

There is a new way of doing business and it is called Social Networking. It has given life to small upcoming businesses which do not have a history or a renowned brand. Using networks created via Social Media sites, these young and vibrant companies are growing pretty fast. As a result, below is how fast social media sites have grown-note the oldest in this category is LinkedIn which began in 2003. The sites are in order of their ranking by The number of users is rounded off. 1. Facebook began in 2004 has 1,000,000,000 users and is No.22. Twitter began in 15 July 2006...

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DCK Men‬ Fellowship ‪Business Summit‬ Quotes

1. There is a difference between a Consultant, a Mentor and a Father.A Father is a figure of authority and may not necessarily know much about your field of work. You can only have one.A mentor channels wisdom to you and hence power. You can have several and they may not necessarily be in your field.A Consultant is a person who is in your field and advices you on how to work it out. You can have several. 2. Life was designed to be a mentoring program. Every man ought to be a mentor to someone. 3. Who is mentoring you a...

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Vile Pesa ya Kirinyaga County Inatumika in 2013 - 2014 financial year

THE KIRINYAGA COUNTY APPROPRIATION ACT No. 1 of 2013Date of Assent: 15th July, 2013Date of Commencement: 15th July, 2013 BUDGET: 3,267,958,728 Kshs ALLOWANCES 1. Salaries and expenses of the County Assembly including general Administration and Planning...

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Migration to Digital Broadcasting is Business for Online Marketing

Migration to Digital Broadcasting means Business is likely to tilt in favor of Online Marketing. It is apparently the only growing front in the Marketing world. As numerous TV's and Radios split audience, most people will opt to go online for comprehensive information. Here, there is no "See press and posters for more details". All eggs are conveniently in one basket. 1. You can open 10 tabs on the computer but you cant open 10 stations at once. People can tweet, facebook, mentor, etc at ago but in the television and radio world--you choose one show and miss all the rest.For example, if your advert was on say NTV-those who watched CITIZEN missed it and those who saw it on NTV and liked it cannot click and share on TV. If your advert was o...

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What pushes you to post something on Social Media?

What pushes you to post something on Social Media? -EMOTIONAL Facebookers pour out their heart all over social media- often they write before consulting the mind and end up sorry. -MOTION-AL people keep telling us where they are - always on the move. -MOTIVATIONAL type post inspiring quotes - either a stolen one or from a book they've read. -PROMOTIONAL ones keep asking you to buy this or join that...they can be a bore. -NOTIONAL guys are mostly politicians and they keep wishing things were ...

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What is Your Governor Doing? Alfred Mutua is setting pace

Alfred Mutua has launched the Machakos Food Security Programme.The program aims at making Machakos food secure and also improve people’s standards of living by purchasing the surplus produce and finding markets for chicken and chicken products. He also handed over 40 tractors bought by the County Government to plough farmers farms free of charge; flagged off trucks with seeds to be distributed to the farmers and gave out thousands of chicks to the youth. The journey to end hunger in Machakos has started. Development is about getting the basics right, and Machako's Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua is right on track. 1...