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By NyandiaGachago  Posted On 26/10/2014    [ 1168 people have read this blog. ]

Yaaay!!! My roommate won!! A girl with an old beautiful soul won!! I am proud! It was a beautiful 6 hour event at the KICC in Nairobi. Starting at 10:00 p.m. the girls begun with an introductory dance which included a dance to former TPF (Tusker Project Fame) finalist Steve. After which every girl from the final 24 counties was introduced in a beautifully choreographed catwalk. The EMCEE’s for the night were Former Miss Kenya USA and Capital FM News correspondent, Miss Angela Muiruri and Easy FM’s homerun co-host and comedian Obinna Ike. After the introduction and entertainment, the cultural wear category followed and my lord! Had the beauties prepped! African and Flawless are the words I believe. Miss Taita Taveta won this category with her calabash lades ou... Read on...

By Mercyadhiambo  Posted On 07/08/2014    [ 1256 people have read this blog. ]

“Ha…just do it. There isn’t anything I havent seen  yet” he texted her and followed it with a cheeky emoticon. It made her smile. It was raining ad she was chatting with him while sipping wine. They were in love and she missed him so much. He was in Mombasa doing his final year  project, while she was in Nairobi, trying to sink into the elusive world of employment. He kept begging, and finally when the wine started hitting her good, she went and shaved her legs, took a shower, slathered lotion all over her body…and then standing in front of her full length mirror, she sucked in her stomach and snapped many photos of her nudity using her cell phone. She tried differen... Read on...

By VictorOmega  Posted On 11/08/2014    [ 4455 people have read this blog. ]
5 Cheapest Places To Get Good Food in Nairobi

Nairobi is surely the land of opportunity; at least for many East Africans. I mean it is a renowned business hub, entertainment hub and hospitality hub. People here work really hard and tenacious workers once in a while need to go and catch a bite. Like the popular phrase, a hungry man is an angry man I think we don’t want angry people walking on our streets and thus this eateries might deem quite worthwhile even with the tightest budget; Dominion House: Located on Tom Mboya street right opposite Imenti House, this definitely has to be the cheapest eatery. And they don’t serve that jail food which includes undercooked veggies, 1 piece of meat and mushy cheap rice; I’m talking a good combination of ugali, sukumawiki or cabbage and beef a... Read on...

By BiasharaStreet  Posted On 21-04-2016    [ 294 people have read this blog. ]
Why your money is safe with KCB.

WHY YOUR MONEY IS SAFE WITH KCB KCB Group is a company I respect. Actually love. Their business model is good. They treat their shareholders well by paying them at least 35% of their Earning per Share. But the strength of this institution and Geographical presence was undoubtedly making it the obvious and natural choice to take over Chase Bank. CBK has done well by making the objective decision to hand over the management of Chase to KCB and eventually letting the latter acquire a majority stake in the former. With an Asset base of over Ksh 550 billion and net profits of nearly Ksh 20 Billion, KCB is the most ... Read on...

By TechWizard  Posted On 17/07/2014    [ 877 people have read this blog. ]
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - The Longest Most Expensive Suspension Bridge

Location: Kobe and Awaji-shima, JapanCompletion Date: 1998Cost: $4.3 billionLength: 12,828 feetType: Suspension... Read on...