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By peterweru2  Posted On 13/11/2013    [ 821 people have read this blog. ]
The quote

Let our hope be greater than our fears. This way we will conquer everything good that the whole planet can offer.... Read on...

By PatrickMarenya  Posted On 07/08/2014    [ 804 people have read this blog. ]
Opposition is necessary for a functional Kenya

Kenya’s opposition may be led by the old faceted; but that does not men their views are old. There is this constituent of Kenyans who feel that the Opposition led by Rt. Hon Raila Odinga is old and has run out of ideas. They go further to decry that there is need for a younger blood in the opposition, citing that Raila and his aides have been in the picture for far too long. Let me remind such people that an active Opposition is an insurer of good governance and upholds the virtues of Democracy in world over. It is a group of people who are always there to keep the government on check, exposing the rot of alongside the media and the civil society. I am a supporter of CORD, not because I come from the same county with baba but because I believe that this co... Read on...

By AnthonyKianoWangui  Posted On 21/06/2014    [ 836 people have read this blog. ]
Stationery Services

  Hello there, our company, Regitronics Data Systems, is here to offer all the solutions to all the demands in office and School stationery. We are situated in Nairobi, Biashara Street. We offer the  sales and supply for the following items and services: Printing papers Photocopy papers Whiteboard markers Envelopes (all sizes) Office glue Ball pens Spring files Laminating papers Plastic folders Stappling machine Stapples Ruler Foolscaps Permanent markers Delivery books Counter books Toners (all numbers0 Catridges (all numbers) Catridge and Toner refills. ... Read on...

By HighSchool  Posted On 03-09-2015    [ 477 people have read this blog. ]
High School Form 1 Maths - try if you can!

Attempt all Questions. Time: 30mins 1.   (5 mks) 2. Machines P,Q,R and S give out signals at intervals of 30,50,24 and 27 seconds respectively. At 8.00a.m., they all gave a signal together. At what time will this happen again? (5 mks)       3. A rectangular container is 2 m long, 0.9 m wide and 2.5m high. ... Read on...

By BiasharaStreet  Posted On 21-04-2016    [ 244 people have read this blog. ]
Why your money is safe with KCB.

WHY YOUR MONEY IS SAFE WITH KCB KCB Group is a company I respect. Actually love. Their business model is good. They treat their shareholders well by paying them at least 35% of their Earning per Share. But the strength of this institution and Geographical presence was undoubtedly making it the obvious and natural choice to take over Chase Bank. CBK has done well by making the objective decision to hand over the management of Chase to KCB and eventually letting the latter acquire a majority stake in the former. With an Asset base of over Ksh 550 billion and net profits of nearly Ksh 20 Billion, KCB is the most ... Read on...